Bags For Hope

I grew up watching sci-fi movies as a kid. Star Wars and Star Trek among others. They allowed me to imagine endless possibilities, the limitless of possibilities. Anything was possible, traveling to distant galaxies, befriending strange alien races, so there was no reason to why I couldn’t reach my own goals if such things might be possible. Though, I remember watching the original Planet of the Apes movie. One part always stuck in my head. The part where the captain says, “Why does man let his own neighbor’s children starve…”. Well, the captain was tired of humanity, it’s corruption. So he set out on the Icarus trip to space in order to seek better species. He found himself landing in an even worse future, caused by men like him who had given up on humanity and didn’t seek to help anyone. Well, if we want to avoid a future so bleak, we must do what we can to help each other. It is every person’s duty to help each other so we might better ourselves/humanity as a whole.

Recently, my friends and I have seen that we, even as high school, students can make a difference in others’ lives. So we set out to do what we could to make a difference. The first step was brainstorming. We faced a problem though, what could we do that was small enough to be possible for us but big enough to matter? So we scratched our heads. Volunteering at a pet shelter came to mind, but the thing was we wanted to help other people (not that we don’t like animals). We went through idea after idea with no end in sight. It was not only until I went to Albertsons and saw the Salvation Army store next door that the seed of the idea was planted in my mind. My friends and I would help the homeless, so we came up with a program to put together bags of supplies that were essential to everyday life. We dubbed our project, “Bags for Hope”.

The church where we donated the supplies

So our first task was raising money. We raised funds in order to buy supplies by asking for donations to the project. By the time we had to buy the supplies, we actually had a substantial amount of money. We also found a church in which we could donate the supplies to. The church was holding a dinner for the homeless, so that became our planned date for giving out the supplies. So we had the money raised and knew where we were going to donate the supplies, we had to decide now what to put into the bags. We decided on adding only the essentials because we wanted to make the most bags we could for the project. We added toothbrushes, some clothing, food, among other supplies. It was quite a good amount of supplies for each person, if I might say so.

The last thing left to do was to donate the supplies. So we went to this church that shall remain anonymous on the internet. The thing we didn’t foresee was the amount of people attending. We had to simply dump out the supplies onto a table so that they would be evenly distributed. The people didn’t care though, they all thanked my friends and I all the same. The looks in their eyes were so genuine. From that point, I lost all my doubts about the project and knew all the time I had spent on it was worth it. The volunteers there asked my friends and I afterwards if we would like to volunteer there more often, an offer I would consider since I did not know my schedule yet. However, if i do find free time, I will definitely donate it. I hope to do this kind of thing again, perhaps on a larger scale, because there are always more people that need help.

Fight to Win

When you’re throwing some hits a punching bag, your goal isn’t to punch at the bag contrary to popular belief. Your goal is to aim two feet behind the bag. Your goal isn’t to end your punch at your target, but to go through them. That is how you throw a punch, and that’s what you have to do in order to win a fight. This same principle extends beyond physical fighting to intellectual fighting as well, to what is dubbed debating. In order to win a debate, you have to treat it like a fight.

Eddie teaches Barry (the Flash) how to punchEddie teaches Barry (the Flash) how to punch

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The Path Behind and the Road Ahead

As a child, my grandfather would once say this weird proverb in his native language that loosely translates into, “The smallest seed can grow into the the biggest tree.” At the time, I was an adolescent child, too preoccupied with playing games than to heed the words of those with more experience. So sadly, his words were not taken to heart only to mind. However, there is little use in knowledge that has not been tempered by emotion. Since the last time he spoke these words to me, a few years ago, I have matured to a point to where I can appreciate his words and have gained enough experience to start to understand his meaning. When I first started this blog, it was an assignment given to me by my english teacher, nothing else. That is how my blogging journey started. My thinking was that blogging isn’t really all that useful since my writing wouldn’t attract many viewers. Even now, I can’t say that this blog has a big following, though it is enough to where I feel that writing each post is worth it. Even if I didn’t have a viewership as big as it is now, than I would still feel this blog was worth it.

This may sound really cliche, but it’s how I feel. This blog has honestly helped me grow as a person, in many aspects. I’m not saying that this blog has made me a new person who exemplifies the pinnacle of humanity. No, definitely not. But rather, doing this blog, expressing how I feel, sharing my thoughts, it has really allowed me to embrace who I am. As some most people may know, even from the title of this blog, I am interested in games. I have an addiction to games like many others in the world. Though I had ridiculous dreams in the back of my mind of what I could do with video games, like being an MLG pro or becoming a famous youtuber. I never thought my hobby would really be shared with or affect anyone, not until I started this blog. This blog started as a weekly assignment in which I would have to pick at my head for a random topic to write about. Though recently, this blog has allowed me to share my interests with others. Over the past few months, not only have I grown more active in blogging, but also in gaming. Though, not in the way you would think. Rather, I still spend about the same amount of time playing games, but now I actively breakdown games while I play and learning more info so that I can share it with others. I use this knowledge I gain while playing in order to write reviews or in-depth guides. I even made a gaming montage just for this blog.

I feel that it is not only me who has gained in increase in interest in my blog ever since I started adding gaming reviews to my blog, but my viewers have been enjoying it as well since there is an increase in viewership. More people have been coming in order to learn more information about Destiny, my current favorite game. One of my best posts was where I talked about a myth circulating within Destiny, and people seemed to like that I was able to disprove this myth. People seem to be enjoying all my gaming posts in general. From what I can gather, the most important thing to do in order to be a better blogger, attract the most viewers, or enjoy the task is to write about what you want. Don’t allow yourself to be limited to anything. Your viewers’ feelings towards your blog will often reflect your own. If you enjoy it, they will too. If you don’t enjoy blogging, then it will become tedious to you and your viewers.

I have plans to continue this blog even after the school assignments on this end. Though I will be focusing more on the content that my viewers and I enjoy. So, this blog will become more game-oriented from now on. Let me know if I there’s something I should do or you want me to do. I may not know my destination, but the road ahead is still a long way from ending.

Reef: Vestian Outpost

The new social hub offers a variety of new features for its players. Though it also has brought along some of the cool features from the tower. The Vestian Outpost, as it is called, has a certain darker mood to it, even showing in the spawn noise.  The Vestian Outpost is much smaller than the tower, only having one section compared to the towers three (or four if there is an event going on). It also supports a smaller number of players, only being able to host nine players at once, whereas the tower can support sixteen guardians. The one thing I am glad that it sort of brought back was the interactive ball, this time in the form of a mini servitor.

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Nostalgia Part Two.

This post really struck me hard since I was able to relate to it. In it he talks about loneliness stemmed from distancing yourself from others. I know that I tend to isolate myself from others in favor of playing games or just being lazy in general, and I’m sure that other gamers can relate as well. When we play, or at least when I play, my soul tends to get sucked into the game, and all that is left is a empty shell. People reach out, but there comes a time when they give up, and when you come back to reality you realized you separated yourself from them. Anyways, the writer struck the nail on the head about people isolating themselves. I recommend you spend a few minutes out of your day to read it. You will get more out of  it then what you spent.

When Do Our Minds Overtake Our Hearts

“We create our own demons.” We are responsible for our own future and where it leads. Along the way, what we create may be our own worst enemies. The choices we make, not only define us, but the world around us as well. We, as humans, have always been trying to find a way to make life easier. We have made technology to make life simpler. However, the new Call of Duty Black Ops 3 reveal has brought to light a serious question: Where do we draw the line between humanity and technology? Has technology made life simpler or has technology made us simpler?

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Sleep: The Most Deprived Necesity

The general belief about sleep can be summed up by the Thomas Decker’s interpretation of it: “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” With such an important task in our lives, it would seem that everyone would spend an abundant amount of time in their beds. Though, the real truth of the matter is that people don’t get enough sleep in the first place. For some people, it’s just the refusal to sleep, thinking it’s cool to stay up late. Though, some people genuinely don’t have enough time in a 24 hour day to catch enough z’s. It gets harder and harder as life starts to pile up around them. The inability to sleep leads to an ever-worsening cycle.

I like any other person in the world need sleep. Though, right now I’m probably not getting enough of it. Like many people my age, I have many activities and tasks I have to take care of each day, week, month. I have to work on my Eagle Scout project, work towards my confirmation, deal with school in general, and play volleyball. It all just gets a little too overwhelming at times. All these different things require that I lose a little sleep each night, and that is where the cycle begins. I will lose about an hour or two of sleep, then come to school the next day. I will be at school until about 7 P.M. after practice. Anyone who plays a sport will understand that you feel really drained and tired afterwards, especially if you are already tired from being asleep. Then I will come home and do things like homework or merit badges. Though I work a bit slower due to the fact that I am slowed down by sleep deprivation. Then I begin to sleep with even less time to enjoy the peaceful bliss, only to start the next day. The next day is just like the last only I am a bit slower before in all my tasks, this causes me to lose a little more time, losing sleep. Hence, it forms a deadly cycle. This fated cycle has caused me so much grief to the point where it hurts every moment to keep my eyes open. It is making me less of the person I can be. I know that there are many people like me who face problems of exhaustion stemming from lack of sleep. This “exhaustion makes wimps out of all of us.” Wimps that have difficulty performing simple tasks at times.

Sleep deprivation is honestly one of the worst forms of torture around. It can ruin your mood simply because you’re too tired to feel things like excited or happy. It sometimes gets to a point where you feel like you’re not really experiencing things. Like you’re doing something, but your mind doesn’t really register that you’re doing it. You can relate it to being drunk since “sleep deprivation for 24 hours straight is equivalent to being legally drunk.” Luckily I won’t have to deal with this feeling of being drunk on life, in the bad way, for long. Spring break is here and I’m ready to enjoy some sleep.

Why It’s Hard (For Me) to Talk to Girls

Where do I begin..? This is probably why I have this problem in the first place. I don’t know where to begin when talking to a girl, specifically a girl I like. Well it’s not just the beginning that’s hard, its the middle and end that’s hard for me too. I’m not one of those guys that instantly freezes up when talking to any girl. I just talk to them like any normal person. When it comes to talking to a girl I like, well everything changes.


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Trolls, the Virtual Monsters

A few years ago, during the golden age of Minecraft, I was playing on this factions server. As the name would suggest, every person either creates or joins a group of players that will compete against other factions. You can form alliances or raid the bases of other groups. When I first started playing this game, I didn’t have anyone to play with on the server. My friends didn’t play Minecraft, so I was on my own. I had an awesome plan, I built up my own faction and collected my own resources. Then, when I felt I had an impressive base, I tried inviting people to join my faction. I thought that people would appreciate a faction willing to take on random people who simply needed some friends. I never saw the flaw in my plan. I was taking on random people, but the problem with randoms is that you don’t know them. One guy I added seemed really chill and nice when I first me him. He helped out in retrieving supplies and improving the base. I felt hungry so I told him I was going to take a fifteen minute lunch break. I thought the base was in good hands. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I came back from eating some spaghetti, I found a crater where my base once was. There he was, my teammate just standing there, bragging over the chat to everyone on the server what he had just done. Just seeing that crushed my spirit. My base, built through hours hard work, gone in a matter of minutes. People like him represent a lower level of humanity, trolls. Sure, many of us laugh at the misfortune of others. However, there are people who purposely go out and try to cause pain in others can’t recognize when they cross a line or don’t even care. These are trolls.

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Gaming Gear: Pay to Win?

In every sport, gear is developed to make players perform to the best of their ability. Swimmers wear aerodynamic gear. Basketball player wear shorts that five amazing grip and increase verticals. Cyclists ride lightweight bicycles. All  this gear is meant to augment a person’s abilities, but they don’t allow a person to do things that are too drastically different than what they were able to do before. Basketball shoes may allow for some minor changes like jump in high enough to dunk, but it won’t allow someone to do a backflip dunk or some other ridiculous move. Why should gear in anytime allow a person to do something people without it can’t? It’s one of the reasons that I have a problem with videogame gear.

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